We want to inspire you to Move, Move Right and Move Well. We want you to STOP SURVIVING and START LIVING. We want you to Enjoy the Freedom of Movement, that is not restricted by weakness or pain. We want you to feel a Confident and Independant. We want you to Fall in Love with Fitness

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Strength & Conditioning

This is for women who want to be Fitter, Faster, Stronger. It is a unique program incorporating the best elements in fitness and delivered with utmost care.

Birth2Fit Mothers

This is for new mothers/ seasoned mothers who haven't undergone rehab and struggle with the remnants of pregnancy and birth.

iPlay kids Fitness

Be coached online via videos and skype. chats. Customised meal and fitness plans to suit you. Take the guess work out of your health and be guided by an expert.

What People Are Saying

I just LOVE it… its the most friendly, encouraging and supporting atmosphere. Always feeling very happy when i do my workouts with Santy guidance of course. Thank  you Santy for that. – Noor, Brisbane
I love training with Santy at MPower because she is flexible and fun but mostly because she can tailor work outs to each persons specific levels and needs, even in a group setting. So it feels like a one on one PT session but in a supportive & relaxed setting. Santy has helped me overcome some anxieties I had around exercise & is helping me with my specific exercise needs for my body. I am so glad I have found her!  She is also fantastic for pre amd post natal excercise and pelvic floor/core strength. – Elizabeth, Brisbane
Santy has been wonderful! I see Santy weekly and am starting to see and feel the improvement with my core strength and pelvic floor post babies. She is very knowledgeable and what I really love is how you actually learn how to do things the right way, you learn about your technique, ways to improve your posture etc. I would recommend training with Santy! –  Shelley, Brisbane


Beginners Guide to Jog/Run 2K in 5 weeks

Beginners Guide to Jog/Run 2K in 5 weeks

Please Note: You should be in a suitable health condition to take up semi-intensive physical activity. Require doctors clearance where applicable. If struggling with pelvic floor weakness, prolapse, incontinence or diastasis please seek suitable help or contact us if...

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Cardio Addict to Strength & Conditioning Coach

Cardio Addict to Strength & Conditioning Coach

I was a cardio addict! Most of us have a love/hate relationship with cardio training, but for me, it’s always been LOVE. In primary and high school, I was heavily involved in sports, mainly 100m and 200m dash. I won school championships and represented my school in...

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My Journey to Losing Baby Weight

My Journey to Losing Baby Weight

I used to eat a lot…not so much junk food but just too much food. This didn’t affect me when I was young as I had more muscles, a better metabolism and was probably genetically blessed to an extent, so I got away with the so-called cheat foods. Age and of course my...

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