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Hello my name is Santy, I have completed a doctorate in genetics, mum of two beautiful children, and has lost over 20 kgs post-birth. I am now a Nutrition and Fitness coach specialising in postnatal recovery & rehab, strength & conditioning, nutrition coaching and human movement. Yes I changed careers and please read on to find why.

I did not want to use motherhood as an excuse for the problems I was facing physically and mentally. Rather I saw this beautiful phase as a starting point to changing my body and life to empower my kids, family and community. Change is difficult, uncomfortable and hard- not just for myself, but also for those around me. As a mum we always seem to put ourselves last and feel guilty about everything from taking time out to exercise to falling behind on house work. I came to understand however that fighting through the short term inconvenience for the long term benefit was totally worth it. I learned to make it work… The kids won’t remember a messy house or that I was away for a couple of hours, but they will more importantly I wanted them to remember me as a healthy and active mum who had the energy to run around, tumble and roll with them. My body went through a lot of changes through pregnancy and birth, so my exercise program had to be adapted so I didn’t permanently damage my body, especially when I set out to do the right thing in the first place. It doesn’t mean that I can’t do the things I did or love to do before having babies, it just meant that I needed to build my inner strength progressively to enable my body to do all that and more without injury. I also understood that I had to respect my body for the amazing journey it had been through and to rebuild it with love and care. There is always a way to achieve your desires, you just have to put in the work.
I was a cardio addict with the “go hard or go home” attitude but over the years I learnt that strength is the best investment for my body and time. Since I started strength training (combined with elements of suitable cardio) my fitness, alignment and posture changed dramatically. I feel strong, fit and empowered as I provide my body with the best movement and nourishment it needs.
In terms of my personal training experience, I have gained experience over the last four years training mums both in India and Australia. I understand the differences in culture, food, lifestyle, postural and physical health and the importance of addressing these differences to enjoy the long term benefits of adopting a healthy and active lifestyle. Thank you for reading my story and if you feel that I can help you in any way to change your body and life then call or message me. I value your time and work my hardest to provide the best outcome for you so you can be “The Best Version of You”!

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